As I previously reported here, Jon Jones has been pulled from UFC 200 due to being flagged by USADA for an anti-doping policy violation. 

Jones’ team called a press conference today to address the issue and for Jones to have his say. It is important to note that any athlete should be considered innocent until proven guilty. The interim light heavyweight champion (former?) has denied willingly taking performance enhancing drugs.

 It should also be noted that a lot of fighters do not know what is a banned substance and what isn’t, as well as the fact that there are protein supplements out there that are tainted with traces of PEDs. Perhaps these are issues that need to be addressed. Jones’ team are awaiting the results of the B sample and for further understanding of the alleged wrong doing.

I find it difficult to comment on as nobody knows the truth other than the people involved. With that being said, I will leave it at that and include a video of the press conference below:

Credit: MMA Fighting