Nobody would have guessed that the MMA fandom would get to see Anderson Silva vs Daniel Cormier any time soon. The fact that this fight has been announced for UFC 200 on Saturday is even more ludicrous. The past few days have been absolute madness for the MMA world. International Fight Week is bringing us three insane cards, one of which took place last night; not only that, huge news is breaking seemingly every hour.

On Wednesday the shocking revelation came that Jon Jones had tested positive for PEDs. Since then Dana White has been searching for a replacement opponent for light heavyweight champion Daneil Cormier. A number of fighters threw their name into the mix which I reported in detail here. But the man that emerged as DC’s uber short notice opponent was Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva.

This is a surprise as Cormier and Silva are on such different ends of the spectrum in terms of style. The fight is set to take place at light heavyweight, this is also a surprise given that Silva usually fights at middleweight. With that being said, this is a very exciting development. UFC have handled the situation masterfully, turning a dire situation into a positive. The contrast of the two different styles could make this fight even more entertaining than the match that was originally set.

Miesha Tate vs Amanda Nunes is now the headliner with Hunt vs Lesnar as the co-main event. I can hardly believe I am writing this but Daniel Cormier vs Anderson Silva takes place on Saturday July 9th, 3 rounds in the light heavyweight division.

Credit goes to MMA Fighting for the video and their amazing journalism this week.