As is the custom with Neflix originals, the entire first season of Stranger Things released at once on Friday. After watching the first four I must say that I am very impressed.

Stranger Things is an adventurous blend of sci-fi, horror, humour and family drama. This show is a mystery set in a small town that is being terrorised by dark and supernatural forces. The beauty of this show is that, on paper, it sounds like every other sci-fi/mystery you have ever seen, and yet it is completely unique.

Stranger Things- sheriffIt is a homage to eighties creature features; taking tricks from the playbook of Twin Peaks, The Mist, Lost, Fringe and Super 8. It could also be said that the side of the story that focuses on the monster plays out like a Creepy Pasta story or something from the SCP Foundation. A monster associated with a shady research centre that also experiments with telekinesis is very similar to the stories on there. Particularly the one about the creature that always faces the wall.

From the very first episode the writers open up a fully fleshed out world with interesting and well written characters. It is this kind of fascinating and immersive world building that encourages the binge watching that Netflix are looking for from their subscribers. This show is brilliant escapist viewing.

Stranger Things- the lightsWith it’s retro style and macabre sci-fi scares, Stranger Things feels like a creepy neon dream. It’s weird vibes will keep you gripped and forever clicking through to the next episode.

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