Ben Affleck’s first solo outing beneath the Batman cowl is as far away as 2020. As a result, we know very little about it so far; only that it will be written and directed by Affleck. He has also previously been quoted as saying that it will be a brand new Batman story with inspiration from classic comic book arcs.

Arkham AsylunHowever, a rumour that has been making the rounds recently tells us a little more about the premise. The talk at the rumour mill is that the movie takes place inside Arkham Asylum. This information comes courtesy of a report by Batman On Film.

These are of course rumours but according to Batman On Film their sources are fairly reliable. The sources did say that it is not an adaptation of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. Although, given that the concept is so similar it could be as close to an adaptation of the critically acclaimed video game as we’re going to get.

Batman Arkham Asylum Batman being locked inside Arkham Asylum with all of his enemies is a fantastic concept for a movie. If this is true, the Affleck penned solo film should be a lot of fun.

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