Nintendo are re-releasing a new compact version of the NES with games built-in. Here are all of the details.

The nostalgic obsession with reviving products from our childhood is very present in gaming at the moment. It is this adoration of the retro that has millions of adults running around catching Pokemon right now.

NES Classic Edition boxNintendo love to pay tribute to gaming history and they’re a business so they also love capitalising on trends. This has resulted in the NES Classic Edition. This ‘new’ console from Nintendo resurrects the magic and simplicity of gaming’s past but wraps it in a compact casing for the new age.

The NES Classic is a full recreation of the old console but small enough to fit in one hand. The price point is something that a lot of people are raving about as it only costs $60 in the US and about £45 here in the UK.

NES Classic Edition frontThe most important question is: what can you play on it? Well, the console will come with 30 games built-in. There is no cartridge slot so you cannot play any more but the games you do get with it are absolute classics. They aren’t just copy cats and obscure titles, they are iconic games from franchises like: The Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros., Punch Out and Final Fantasy.

Also included is a wired controller, the port is the same as the Nintendo Wii classic controller but you can buy an additional NES Classic controller separately for $9.99. The release date has been confirmed for November 11th 2016.

This is a really nice looking retro console, there is definitely a demographic for this. With a very reasonable price point and a November release date, this thing will fly off the shelves come Christmas time.