2016 delivered yet another shocking first round title change at UFC 201. On Saturday, Tyron Woodley knocked out ‘Ruthless’ Robbie Lawler to win UFC gold for the first time in his career. This came as a huge shock as Lawler has had and iron grip on the welterweight championship, delivering Fight of the Year matches in the process.

Tyron Woodley UFC 201 winSo what is next for Tyron Woodley? Most people would probably say Stephen Thompson vs Tyron Woodley is the bout to make. Personally, that is what I want to see. However, Woodley has actually said that he does not want that fight.

It is not often that you get to see a champion turn down a challenger to his face on video. That exact situation arose right after the fight as Stephen Thompson is an analyst on FS1. He asked the champion about the chances that they throw down in November.

Woodley flat-out refused to fight the number one contender, instead mentioning a big money fight with Nick Diaz. He advised Thompson to duke it out with Lawler in the meantime. Diaz is returning from suspension imminently; the NSAC suspension is up and he has re-signed with the UFC.

Nick DiazDiaz vs Woodley in Madison Square Garden is a big fight and I want to see Diaz back ASAP, however, most MMA fans want to see Thompson get a title shot.

The new 170 pound champion has also spoke of facing another returning legend: Georges St-Pierre. Talk of the former champion coming out of retirement has been rife lately and it looks like that could be for a title match. The champion dropped his name recently and when asked by MMA Fighting if he would be interested, former champion St-Pierre simply responded, “Yes”.

GSP UFC championshipRegardless of which match is made next, any of the potential candidates will make for a seriously exciting fight.

Who would you like to see get the first shot at Tyron Woodley’s championship? Let me know in the comments below!