Twin Peaks is one of the most enduring mystery shows in television history. So much so that in 2017 the iconic show will return for it’s third season. This comes after a 26 year layoff. However, it hasn’t been completely absent in that time; Twin Peaks inspires artists resulting in many products that pay tribute to it.

Twin PeaksJust some of the art that is heavily inspired by David Lynch’s most popular work include Netflix original, Stranger Things and Fox’s Wayward Pines. In the world of video games we have supernatural horrors, Alan Wake and Deadly Premonition.

Although Alan Wake focuses more on a Stephen King style serious horror tone, Deadly Premonition borrows Lynch’s penchant for the utterly bizarre. What they both have in common is that a picturesque town opens up a world of darkness and the paranormal.

Alan WakeTwin Peaks is a world that inspires artists and, like all good fiction, makes fans want to immerse themselves in it. This is something it shares with Stranger Things. I went into more detail on my thoughts about Stranger Things here.

It is almost as if artists are showing where they would have taken that world next if they got to write for it. So they recreate that place with their own spin and fill it with their own ideas. It’s longevity and fans’ need to keep it alive is due to both it’s abrupt cancellation and spellbinding atmosphere of infinite potential.

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