The release of Netlfix original series, Stranger Things almost took viewers by surprise. There was virtually zero advertising for it, to my mind, except for a banner on the site a few weeks prior. However, enough people were interested by on-site advertising to give it a look and were surprised by this absolute gem.

Many viewers, myself included, were immediately enraptured by that world and the characters. Not to mention: endeared by the retro styling and the feeling of adventure. For me, Stranger Things had that feeling of opening up the viewer to a brand new world.

The very same experience as seeing the dinosaurs for the first time in Jurassic Park. It is the Spielberg magic. It may not be quite as strong as those moments but the spirit is definitely there.

The good news goes beyond the rave reviews for the inaugural season. For Stranger Things, it seems the future is bright. During an interview with IGN the writers revealed what could be in the future for the world and characters they created.

In regards to season 2 it was revealed that a time jump would be more than likely. The ageing cast would make this unavoidable. Matt Duffer had this to say: “Yeah, you have to do the Harry Potter thing. You have to jump a year.”

Ross Duffer added: “It’s also just exciting having these initial conversations about it because the jump allows us to say “What happened in that year?” It actually opens up a lot more storytelling possibilities.”

Referring to the fate of Eleven after the climactic events of the season finale, Ross answered simply:”What did James Cameron say? No one’s ever dead in sci-fi.”

Discussing the idea of a comic book to bridge the gap Ross said that it is a “great idea” but that he would prefer to see a video game. Matt added: “Like an 8-bit…These fans, a lot of them have done this 8-bit video game art that’s blowing my mind.”

It seems we will be returning to The Upside-Down, in one form or another very soon. I am extremely excited to see more of Stranger Things, future content can not come quick enough. If you enjoyed this article give it a share and tell me in the comments section what you thought of the first season.

Source: IGN