Although Netflix have not officially announced the return of Stranger Things, something a Netflix exec said recently all but confirmed it.

In regards to whether or not Netflix would green light season 2 Reed Hastings answered: “we would be dumb not to”. This is clearly due to the sleeper success it has proven to be. Everyone is talking about it. Personally, I can’t stop writing about it. According to Hastings the figures tell the story, not the viewing figures but the reviews.

stranger-things-“You can get approximations…if you look on IMDB the most popular TV show right not it’s Stranger Things, so that’s a reasonable proxy. It’s not that there’s no data, just that we don’t give out our data.” He also said that the sci-fi/horror show fits the selling point that Netflix are looking for in that it comes from “a different angle”.

There is so much more of that universe to explore and the writers have mentioned that the ideas for future stories are flowing. In another interview the Duffer brothers noted that season 2 would include a time jump and that they would love to see an 8-bit video game. You can read about that in more detail here.

strangerthingsNetflix are also planning on releasing the season 1 soundtrack, one of the reasons the show was so atmospheric and enjoyable was the music. The only thing that is missing is merchandise. If they bring out Stranger Things hoodies and tank tops with cool designs I would buy every single one.

It would seem that a lot is in store for fans of Stranger Things. In the meantime I am going to be revisiting season 1 to glean as many details that I may have missed. There are so many questions, why did Hopper leave those things in the chest out in the woods? Is he working for Hawkins Lab now? What other creatures are lurking in The Upside Down? Exciting times are ahead!