August 20th and the biggest fight of the year draws near. At UFC 202 Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz face off in the welterweight division once again. The “road” to the huge money fight is being documented on both sides of the coin. Nate Diaz has ‘Road 2 War’, his own version of Conor McGregor’s Mac Life YouTube series. Both are a fly on the wall documentary series in the style of the UFC embedded videos, following the fighters as they prepare for fight night.

Episode 6 goes behind the scenes on Nate Diaz’s recent appearance on Conan. It is interesting to note that at this point in the camp Nate is being pulled away from his training for media obligations.

The UFC have effectively switched Nate and Conor’s roles, the reason the fight at UFC 200 fell through was because Conor was unhappy with the amount of media he was doing. However, now Nate is doing all of the media and if you watch The Mac Life, Conor has been given more time to train while he is doing this. Nate has voiced his displeasure that the UFC are giving him all of the media duties saying on Twitter that “UFC played me again”.

Nick Diaz makes an appearance in this instalment. He can be seen shadowboxing when Nate returns home. Nick has been the subject of a lot of talk recently too as his suspension has just ran out. Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley called him out for a championship bout after his recent upset victory over Robbie Lawler.

It seems the Diaz brothers are the epicentre of the fight game at the moment and with Nick Diaz returning soon that trend is showing no signs of going away.