The first episode of the UFC Embedded vlog series follows the fighters on the UFC 202 card, one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year. Come August 20th each one of these men go to war.

The training and Q&A we see McGregor in initially was a part of his recent media day. To avoid losing any training time, McGregor created a pop-up gym and invited journalists to ask him questions and observe his preparation.

We also see Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson and Glover Teixiera doing some strength and conditioning training. The two knockout artists face-off in the light heavyweight division. That bout is likely a title eliminator as light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier has said the winner will face him next.

The video also shows Nate Diaz and his team doing sprints for cardio. As well as some technique work with coach, Richard Perez. Diaz’s teammate, Chris Avila is mentioned, this being due to the fact that he will fight on the same card.

Avila faces Artem Lobov, a close teammate of Conor McGregor’s. This is a very interesting idea as it means the rivalry goes beyond the main event.

The most significant moment of this video however, was Diaz commenting on the GSP vs Tyron Woodley situation. He had this to say:

“I seen Woodley and GSP shaking hands and text messaging ‘let’s make a fight’. That’s boring you just killed the whole thing. Don’t nobody wanna see no fight that some friends set up”.

Another pearl of wisdom from one of the best minds in the fight game. Saturday night can not come quick enough! If you enjoyed this article do me a favour and share it on Facebook or Twitter.