Saturday night approaches, and with it, the biggest money fight in MMA to-date. In preparation we see Conor McGregor working on striking. Specifically, he is practising combinations based on what happened in a previous sparring session. Due to the fact that it is one of his scheduled rests, McGregor is doing some light pad work here with his teammate, without gloves or mits.

We also see Nate Diaz working on his striking with his longtime boxing coach, Richard Perez. The two have made a formidable team to this point, with the acclaimed boxing coach helping Diaz on his way to a number of TKO’s.

One of Glover Teixieira’s students made a prediction for his big bout with Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson. His students predicted that he would win via submission. We will see on Saturday if those words will be proven correct. Honestly, I cannot make a call, whatever happens Teixeira vs Johnson is going to be a fun one.