The UFC 202 pre-fight presser began as any other, all be it without McGregor, it would end in extraordinary circumstances. Most of the conference was pretty standard stuff. Journalists asked if Conor would receive a penalty for his absence; Jones’ potential return was discussed as well as the fighter’s union.

However, shortly after McGregor finally arrived, things got nuts. When the topic of a third encounter came up, Nate Diaz had heard enough and left his seat. He vanished for a second only to emerge in the aisle with his team, older brother Nick included. They marched towards the exit as McGregor angrily reacted to the statement.

A water bottle which Diaz had taken from the table get’s thrown at the Irishman. All hell breaks loose. McGregor’s fans as well as ‘Notorious’ himself, launch things back. Visibly furious, McGregor also grabs the cans in front of the other members of the panel and sends them flying at his adversaries. Dana White understandably lost his cool shouting: “Conor don’t throw those f**king ca-“.

Diaz and entourageAfter UFC 196 some of the bad blood had subsided, this incident could have injected some emotion back into the feud. Diaz and McGregor are two very exciting fighters so I was exciting to see this bout anyway. Now, I can hardly wait.

The fact that Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson and Glover Teixeira were the cool-headed ones is hilarious. These two dangerous light heavyweights just looked on in confusion.