I first heard about this project in a news article from ScreenRant and I have to say, it sounds very intriguing. Seth MacFarlane’s newest TV project is a one hour comedy taking place on-board a space ship.

Although there isn’t much precedent for American comedy shows set in space, this is not the first time this has been done. There have been a couple of sci-fi sitcoms from the world of British comedy.

Red Dwarf is one of the most iconic British sitcoms in history, a household name. More recently created was Hyperdrive, which aired from 2006 to 2007. It featured some big names in British comedy such as Nick Frost and Miranda Hart.

Red DwarfIf it wasn’t enough to have a creator in a comedic mind like MacFarlane, the pilot will be directed by Jon Favreau. The iconic director is known for creating stunning images on the big screen. This is exciting news as it means that we are getting a show that is both funny and a visual treat. Favreau will be on-hand if needed as an executive producer.

Jon Favreau & PaltrowThe crew that will bring MacFarlane’s vision to life includes Adrianne Palicki of Friday Night Lights; Scott Grimes of ER and J. Lee of Family Guy. MacFarlane himself will appear as a member of the space vessel’s crew.

Sitcoms create microcosms out of any situation, from the most mundane to the most far-fetched. From The Office to Red Dwarf. It is great to see MacFarlane exploiting the characterisation and comedic value that can be found in science fiction. This show could knock it out of the park, personally, I cannot wait to see this.