It feels like both Marvel and DC have rebooted their universes about fifty times altogether. I am a big comic book fan and I have read a lot of content from DC. However, I do not follow every single week so with all of these reboots and rebirths taking place it is easy to lose track of what’s going on.

Before I am completely clued up on this new age of DC comics I will need to go back and read some of the recent releases. Therefore, I apologise for any inaccuracies or confusion, bare with me.

Batman with a chainsawWith all that being said, I loved Scott Snyder’s work on Batman in the Court of Owls storyline. It was genius and DC clearly know it, hence why they put the fate of this new Batman in his hands.

John Romita Jr. has been one of my favourite comic book artists ever since I read Kick-Ass. It is fair to say that I had high expectations for their collaboration on All-Star Batman #1. It did not disappoint. It was so good that even while reading it I was chomping at the bit to pick up the pen and tell you about it.

The thing that stands out about the new version of The Dark Knight is that he has become more like a traditional superhero. Snyder has traded in some of the gritty darkness for a lighter hero, this is clear from the costume and the personality. Batman now has a golden trim around the bat on his chest plate and instead of lurking in darkness like a ninja, he is fighting out in the open.

All-Star Batman.JPGRather than the uber-serious foot soldier that we see in the work of Frank Miller, he is slightly more upbeat. John Romita Jr. is on top form as usual. He has a very unique way of illustrating people that you could spot without being told it is his work. He also has a really ingenious way of showing movement which makes fight scenes really kinetic and entertaining. This is just a very stylish comic in general.

My Worst Enemy Part 1 was a dramatic and exciting opener. It brought fun back to the character of Batman. Not only that, it introduced the most compelling iteration of Two-Face I have ever read. He was devious, fascinating and despite his self loathing, he had a bit of swagger about him.

Two-FaceThe dialogue between Dent and Batman on the ship was absolutely gripping. This is something that I remembered about Snyder’s work on The Court of Owls storyline. Even his dialogue draw you deeper into that universe.

The idea of Two-Face making Batman a target for the general public was superb. It was a really smart concept to have citizens trying to take out The Batman because they need the money.

Furthermore, Alfred secretly betraying Batman  and taking down the plane was a really shocking twist. The delivery of that moment was shocking, it gave me goosebumps. It was especially interesting that he seemed to suspect; he mentioned that it must have been someone close to him and signed off without another word.

Alfred's betrayalI am interested to learn more about Batman’s new sidekick who we saw more of in The Cursed Wheel Part 1. That story brought in the side of Batman that investigates crime. A lot of writers forget that one of his monikers is: ‘The World’s Greatest Detective’.

Although All-Star Batman is a new beginning for the iconic DC superhero, it is also a throwback to his past. The way villains popped up one after another made it feel like a classic superhero story.

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