Ben Affleck posted a silent video on his social media pages today of DC villain, Deathstroke marching threateningly towards the camera. It was later revealed by the man himself that Wade Wilson would be Bruce Wayne’s main antagonist in the upcoming solo Batman movie. Check out the footage below:

The movie version of Deathstroke that can be seen in the video looks badass and very authentic. For a taste of how well the genetically modified assassin can play out onscreen, fans need only to watch season 2 of Arrow.

Due to DC keeping their movie and TV universes separate, the actor that portrayed Deathstroke in CW’s hit show is not behind the mask here. No word yet on who is playing Wade Wilson in the DC Cinematic Universe, however, word is that it may be Joe Manganiello. It should be noted though that this is just speculation for now.

The video that Affleck released was believed to have been shot from the set of Justice League. It could be that the footage is something that Affleck was working on from his solo Batman movie. Or, perhaps Deathstroke makes a cameo in the superhero team-up.

Ben Affleck is currently, writing and directing the Batman solo movie of which he is the star. But with choices like Deathstroke for the main villain, Affleck clearly has the job well in-hand.

Source: Batman-News