Netflix have just released a teaser video announcing the return of Stranger Things! The video features the floating neon writing of the show opening, accompanied by that beautifully retro synth track.

Season 1 of the sci-fi mystery series has found huge acclaim and a captivated fan- base. Due to it’s success, a second season was almost assured. Although the Duffer Brothers talked about their ideas for a follow-up, Netflix execs always stopped just shy of confirming that it had the green light.

We have now been given confirmation of a return to Hawkins and The Upside Down in the coolest way possible.

The video appears to show the episode titles of the second season. That is something I have never seen a network do before. With that being said, it is definitely a way to get fans excited for the content that is coming their way.

We also have confirmation that the story continues in 2017. As well as ‘The fall of 1984’, I love that detail.

I have found myself enthralled by Stranger Things and cannot wait for the second season. You can be sure that I will continue to post on it in the run up and during the release of the new season.