The news broke yesterday via @TalkMMA on Twitter that Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor are now in talks. After a lot of speculation on when McGregor will challenge for the lightweight belt, the camps are now negotiating with UFC 205 at MSG in their sights.

It is hardly surprising that the featherweight title is a sticking point in discussions. McGregor has not fought in the 145 pound division since winning the title from Jose Aldo in 2015.

His next endeavour was to challenge Rafael dos Anjos and become a two weight class champion. However, when the lightweight title holder pulled out due to injury, Nate Diaz stepped in and the rest is history. He has fought twice since then in the welterweight division.

eddie-alvarez“Per my source” is very vague, that could mean anything from Coach Kavanagh to a mate from down the pub. We may need to take this with a pinch of salt for now. With that being said, UFC 203 is tomorrow night, we could get an announcement during the show.

In his absence Jose Aldo has won the interim title and Dana White has made an ultimatum. The UFC president has said McGregor needs to defend his belt or give it up. So White wants McGregor to unify the belts, Conor wants to face Eddie but is determined to hold two belts simultaneously.

jose-aldo-interim-championIt is difficult to imagine that the UFC would force him to vacate his belt but even if they did this would still be a huge fight. Honestly the idea of Alvarez vs McGregor is exciting to me. The first fight card in New York is really shaping up. We already have two huge fights announced in Donald Cerrone vs Robbie Lawler and Chris Weidman vs Yoel Romero.

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Source: Twitter