Donald Glover’s deep and thoughtful style oozes from this show. It is present in his dialogue: Earn goes on philosophical rants about life. It is also present in the cinematography. You see every detail and flicker of light in the most unassuming places.

Glover’s writing turns even the most mundane situation into a microcosm. So much so that even the protagonist ordering at a fast food place is fascinating. This is due to the superb writing that highlights the awkward and uncomfortable interactions we have every day.

alfred-and-dariusIn some moments Atlanta is very theatrical, most people do not go on monologues in which they analyse their own life. Childish Gambino actually sends that up in a self deprecating moment during this episode. This occurred when he came out with one of his speeches in an argument with his girlfriend. She responds by mocking him, calling it ‘dumb’.

In other instances, it is incredibly real. You find yourself mesmerised at this show similar to when you daydream, staring into the middle distance. You get lost in someone else’s life, Atlanta is pure escapism.

I find Earn to be a really interesting character, he is smart; self aware and talented, struggling against difficult circumstances. However, he definitely has his flaws. We got to see a few of those in this episode. For example in the restaurant, you can see why he is angry because we watch the events through his perspective. The waitress was just doing her job though, it was unfair for him to shout at her.

atlanta-restaurantWe get well rounded and interesting characters in Atlanta. I am sure in future episodes we will learn more about ‘Paper Boi’. For now, we are getting more of his antics with Darius. I actually think Darius could become quite a three dimensional character at some point. Currently it seems like he is just comic relief but I guarantee there is more to him.

The drug deal was a masterclass on how comedy with pathos can switch from humour to a serious subject in a beat. In that there were funny moments but one of the gang’s enemies was murdered in the same scene. The script quickly went from the funny incompetence of two inexperienced criminals to seeing a man get shot. This after mentioning that he has a son.

atlanta-season-3-screenshotAtlanta delivers again with its third episode. I find that this is the kind of TV show that is so good it brings the best out in my writing. It takes a uniquely brilliant kind of art to inspire others in their work. I find that Donald Glover’s work does that. I often listen to his music when I write.

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