We have some breaking news regarding the upcoming Justice League movie! Director Zach Snyder has released a set image on his Twitter account showing a brand new Batman suit. He actually refers to it as the Tactical Batsuit, take a look below.


The tweet has blown up in a matter of minutes. It has only been up for just shy of an hour and it has already received over five and a half thousand retweets.

Personally I think this looks awesome. It is a almost a cross between the usual suit and the one he wore in the nightmare in Batman v Superman. The combination of the goggles and the pointed cowl makes him look similar to Nite Owl from Watchmen.

Batman appears to be pulling some kind of lever with sparking wreckage behind him and what I assume to be the rear end of the Batmobile. It should be interesting to see how the Tactical Batsuit comes into play. I like the idea of multiple costumes, it feels very classic Batman. Snyder noted in the caption that it is the last day of shooting the scenes featuring that suit so it seems production is really moving along now.

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Source: ScreenRant