Haunted house movies are just what the doctor ordered on windy Autumn nights. Autumn is on the way and a shockingly underrated Guillermo del Toro movie is the perfect watch. Crimson Peak employs all of the macabre and monstrous imagery of a typical del Toro movie.

Crimson Peak is a period story but immerse you in a world of the supernatural. However, like all good escapism there are rules and cohesion to the world it creates. This only serves to make it more satisfying of a watch as things come full circle by the end of the movie. Without giving away any spoilers, things that you see and puzzle over come together in the suspenseful conclusion.

This is not your typical ghost story, it utilises elements that you just do not see in horror nowadays. It is the perfect antidote for the takeover that seems to be killing the genre at the moment. The takeover I am referring to is the inescapable string of movies over the past couple of years that exclusively feature a suburban family moving into a new house and being haunted by paranormal goings on.

They almost always involve the family recruiting a psychic to bail them out. I actually like some of them, it is just good to have something of a different flavour. You will find that Crimson Peak is more like The Woman in Black than Paranormal Activity. It is a Victorian era fright fest.

Guillermo del Toro breaks all of the known rules of horror here and yet, it is incredible. For some time it has been believed that in order to inspire fear from the audience you cannot show them everything. Del Toro shows the audience a lot in Crimson Peak but the thing that happen are so unnerving that it remains frightening.

Some of the acting is really emotive and the dramatic soundtrack works in unison with it. The music is also very driving, always keeping the pace moving along. If you are looking for a visually stunning haunted mansion movie, settle into the fascinating world of Crimson Peak.