As a fight fan, you probably enjoy the skill of combat sports, the theater of the modern day gladiatorial arena. If so, you owe it to yourself to watch Glory kickboxing. It has all of those qualities and more. Many martial arts fans love the exciting stand-up of MMA, there are so many flashy moves and spectacular knockouts.Kickboxing has all of the wild excitement of the stand-up action in MMA, without the ground game.

Not that Jiu-Jitsu isn’t exciting of course. Rather that for fans of fast paced combat sports, kickboxing is perfect. Seeing someone pull off a Rolling Thunder kick in a real fight is a sight to behold. That is the kind of move people perform in Glory. There are takedowns and leg sweeps but they are made to stand immediately.


Tournaments are synonymous with kickboxing. That is part of what makes kickboxers so tough. Most people cannot imagine fighting in front of a crowd even once let alone multiple times in one night. That is something you get to see with Glory kickboxing.

Just one of the impressive athletes that you can see over at Glory is Rico Verhoeven. The current heavyweight champion carries some ridiculous power in his hands but still has the agility to land headkicks. He is one of the upcoming stars in combat sports, keep an eye on him.

If you needed anymore reason to watch Glory, know that Mauro Ranallo is on commentary. Ranallo is one of the best commentators in the game right now. Like all good announcers, his voice lends a drama and theater to the match that was not there before.

Glory kickboxing is just a really classy yet wildly enjoyable product. Go and check it out for some new combat sports excitement. For more combat sports and entertainment news, superman punch that subscribe button!