A huge crossover between all of the DC TV shows is in the works for the future. It is set to include characters from The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. The crossover is reportedly a multiple episode event taking place in the coming seasons of CW’s superhero shows. We have received a taste of what that could be like with Superhero Fight Club 2.0.

The online short shows a team-up of the Arrowverse heroes as well as Supergirl, who has just joined that world. Previously Supergirl was over at CBS. The heroes are training in a specially designed facility.

It is a novelty bit of action but it provides us a look at how the dynamic will be between the characters. There will of course be a lot more to it than this, the writing will be a lot smarter in the actual episodes. This is just a fun little ad for what is to come.

As well as appearances from Cisco, Supergirl, The Flash and Firestorm; Gorilla Grodd cameos. It was great to see Grodd again, he was a fantastic villain in season 2 of The Flash. I look forward to Grodd being in a full episode again.

It seems great things are in store for fans of CW’s DC universe. For more combat sports and entertainment news hit the subscribe button!