Atlanta often delves into a realm of dream-like surrealism. There are always contrasting tones, it switches from tackling serious issues such as race to more wacky moments. The opening scene of episode four was suitably bizarre.

It quickly became apparent as the episode went on that Glover was making a point with this character. He is sending up people in the music industry that latch on to successful artists. Donald has clearly had first hand experiences with people like this through his rap persona, Childish Gambino.

atlanta-episode-3-outside-gigThe love of music, especially rap, really shows. Earn listens to headphones constantly: when he goes to sleep, walking to work. Music is a huge part of his life, I relate to that. What I find really enjoyable about the show is the tracks seem to be created specifically for the episodes. It makes it feel like so much more work has gone into it.

Atlanta is a sensory journey. It features great music created specifically for the show and it is visually beautiful. The aesthetics are colourful and vibrant even in poor areas. It is a message that hope can be found even in neighborhoods with a lot of problems.



darius-and-the-swordSomething really interesting about the tapestry of Atlanta is how self referential it is. As the season goes on we get to know Paper Boi’s hit track. So when Earn says: “Paper mail” in the style of the song we feel like we are in on an inside joke. Glover has created a universe here.

The reason episode four was so enjoyable was because it was a hatchet job on certain types of people in the industry. Glover goes after those that leech off others while creating nothing themselves. Subscribe for more reviews from the world of entertainment, including every episode of Atlanta!