A lot of successful people in the entertainment industry say they have an irrational fear of being found to be a fraud. They say they feel like con artists that don’t deserve to be there and one day someone will realise. This episode explores that idea as well as the beef that develops in the music industry.

This episode brought to life the previously mentioned fear when Earn finds himself in an important room as a result of mistaken identity. His luck quickly turns when someone threatens to burn his career to the ground. We also see Paper Boi experience industry beef with a character surprisingly named ‘Justin Beiber’.

darius-atlantaThe Beiber character and the way Paper Boi reacts to him is a parody of jealousy in the music industry. It is also making a point about two faced young superstars who can get away with anything.

There were some interesting and important points made in the gun range scene. Darius wasn’t doing anything that the others weren’t, he was shooting targets. You can’t shoot a target that is shaped like a dog but you can shoot one that is shaped like a human being?

atlanta-episode-5-basketball-gameDarius was minding his own business but people automatically assumed he was up to no good. They preempted him causing a problem. This show has a lot of important things to say about race relations. A funny and farcical moment was the charity game becoming a personal grudge match. This was a comment on how beef in hip hop can get very childish (no pun intended).

In this episode, Glover exposed the manipulation of the media. Beiber was at fault in the incident too. However, they cleverly spun the narrative into a redemption story. In just two moves he was favored in the minds of the general public again.