Mickey Gall shot to fame at UFC 203 when he was given the unusual job of welcoming CM Punk to the world of MMA. It came as a surprise to few that Gall won by first round submission in just his third pro bout. The rear naked choke in the first round was a repeat of his previous two pro bouts. Gall is set to take on another recruit from Dana White’s Looking for a Fight this December. Could he be on the climb to MMA super stardom?

One reason Gall will be so successful is the same reason he found fame in the first place. He knows how to play the game. When he was originally noticed by Dana White he had won via first round submission and called out CM Punk. He understands that you should always have a bigger opponent than the last to call-out. Jimi Manuwa could learn from that.

Gall continued his trend of calling out his desired next foe at UFC 203 when he antagonised ‘corny’ Sage Northcutt. He also has a likeability and charisma that is important in becoming a star in the sport today. It is fair to say that entertainment is a big part of the industry now. The fighters that have an on-screen persona and good mic skills get the big fights. An example of this bias is Conor McGregor getting the lightweight title shot ahead of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Every time Gall has got on the microphone his speech has been stirring. At UFC 203 he told us to stop the hate because we’ll all be dead in 100 years. His trash talk aimed at Northcutt was great too. We know he can definitely get it done. All of his wins except for one at amateur have been via finish. He is lethal on the ground.

Gall faces ‘super’ Sage Northcutt at UFC on Fox 22 this December. I really like the narrative of that fight. We have two young rising stars that were both discovered on Dana White’s Looking for a Fight. Both men have bright futures!

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