Eminem has heard the call of these controversial times and has re-emerged with something for his fans. You would think current affairs in the world today would be a lot of material for Shady’s anger but until very recently he has been uncharacteristically quiet.

Fortunately, he has returned with a response that is reassuring to his fans, we needed the Eminem perspective on things. He has released a track that puts everyone on trial. ‘Campaign Speech’ is a topical new rap from a pillar of the game and it is only the beginning.

Marshal Mathers has announced via Twitter that he is working on a new album. ‘Campaign Speech’ is definitely great in itself but it certainly feels like a warm up for the main event. Eminem’s voice is very deliberately clear in this rap. I think this is intentional because he has a point to get across. He is telling the fans to listen up.

eminem-liveThe purpose of this rap is to highlight the absurdity of the current election and tell everyone that he would probably make a better candidate that those that are actually running. In a sense, rap is very much like the presidential election. The debates and interviews involve people using hyperbole to sell themselves.

Eminem brutally tears down Donald Trump here. This song is lyrical genius but it is also a political argument. He exposes the stupidity of people who want Trump in The White House. He clearly had to get that off his chest. I’m sure many more people will find themselves on the wrong end of Shady’s anger in the forthcoming album. I can’t wait.