Outlast, in my opinion, is one of the most effective horror games of all time. It may seem inappropriate to use the phrase: ‘of all time’ for a game that was released three years ago, but I feel it is up there.

I cannot think of many other horror games that inspires the kind of fear in so many that Outlast does. Amnesia: Dark Descent can certainly be mentioned alongside this game, it too is a masterclass in gaming horror. Both video games scare players more than most movies these days.

The reason Outlast is head and shoulders above the rest is because it utilises a lot more tools. Outlast doesn’t just make you jump, it intimidates you, makes you feel genuinely threatened and on the back foot. Crafty techniques are used with audio and visual to play on primal fears that are universal.

The reason they make you so afraid with the sound is the stellar voice acting. The actors sound genuinely unhinged and dangerous, they suddenly explode with anger taking you by surprise. Outlast has a way of making you feel very small and defenseless so the visual of a hulking mutant charging towards you is terrifying.

Despite it being rather traumatic at times, there is enjoyment to be found in Outlast. The fear of being chased by a fictitious killer is immediately followed by relief when you realise that you escaped. Furthermore, the writers weave a fascinating tale. They also create an immersive world to investigate during these cold October nights indoors.

If you are looking for a truly scary horror game to play with friends you cannot go wrong with this game. Get lost in Outlast this Halloween, it’s better than venturing outside and getting chased by killer clowns.