Twitter was abuzz last night with rumors that GSP vs Bisping could be going down at UFC 206. This talk was started by the middleweight champion himself, Michael Bisping. St-Pierre is of course most famous for being one of the most dominant welterweight champions in history but it seems his return could take place at 185 pounds.

Georges St-Pierre’s position has been a convoluted one of late. After many months of saying he is going to return, the former welterweight champion announced that he had left the UFC. On The MMA Hour, GSP mentioned failed contract negotiations as being the reason for him becoming a free agent.

However, things got interesting when the UFC responded with the claim that GSP was still under contract with them. If the situation wasn’t confusing enough, Michael Bisping is now saying that the bout with the Canadian fighter is in the works. In fact, he said a verbal agreement has been made, this is promising.

Despite some teething troubles it seems St-Pierre’s return could be on the cards. Fittingly, it may take place on the event in his hometown of Toronto. Bisping and St-Pierre have not signed contracts yet but a verbal agreement has been made.

The MMA legend has since responded to Bisping’s call-out and it seems fans could be getting this bout. Although he does say it isn’t happening right now, he has met with Dana and the company’s shareholders to make peace. This is one step closer to Bisping defending his middleweight championship against a returning GSP.

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