The UFC middleweight champion is spoiling for a fight at UFC 206. Rumors began on Twitter recently that Michael Bisping could be facing a returning Georges St-Pierre on the Toronto card. The 185 pound champion noted that he had verbally agreed to a bout with the welterweight legend. GSP has been flirting with the idea of a return to the octagon for some time and the December card in his hometown would be perfect.

With that being said, the former welterweight champion responded to Michael Bisping with a video. In said video he revealed that he was making some progress with Dana White and the UFC shareholders but a bout was still unlikely.

gsp-welterweight-championThe Manchester born middleweight champion is still holding out hope for a showdown with ‘Rush’. On a recent appearance on SiriusXM he had this to say: “In a perfect world, for me, I’d fight Georges St-Pierre in six weeks time.” This of course places the fight at UFC 206 in GSP’s hometown of Toronto. Bisping continued: “Georges St-Pierre would be the biggest payday of my career, bar none”.

However, if the Canada native cannot make UFC 206, Bisping is willing to welcome another legend back into the fold. Specifically, Nick Diaz: “So yeah, if it’s not gonna be GSP, I don’t mind being on the card against somebody else and Nick Diaz is somebody else that moves the needle”.

Nick Diaz vs Michael Bisping is a really exciting idea. Diaz has been on the verge of a comeback for several months now. After a lengthy NSAC ban Nick is eligible to fight again and Dana White recently mentioned that he was looking to book Diaz on a card. Diaz is a welterweight but as ‘The Count’ correctly stated in this radio show, he fought Anderson Silva at 185.

diaz-vs-gspIt would seem the bout would be for the title. Although this would be another instance of the rankings being ignored in the title picture, this would be a great one for the fans. The Toronto card could use a little more star power. The light heavyweight championship will be disputed between Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson. Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis will also meet at featherweight but these are the only fights of note right now.

I love the idea of this one, an explosive battle like this would be the perfect way to round off the best year in MMA to date, imagine the trash talk! For more MMA news and entertainment reviews, superman punch the subscribe button!

Source: MMA Fighting