It is fair to say that a lot of people have burnt out on the X-Men property. Logan has had generally very strong reviews and there was a lot of excitement during the build-up. This is due to the fact that people adore the character of Wolverine. However, the movies that involve the team are providing diminishing returns. The narrative is mussled and convoluted due to their meddling with the timeline.

A fresh start could be just what the franchise needs. It is a fresh start it will get, but this time, in the form of a TV show. It has been known for a while now that an X-Men TV show was being discussed but details were allusive, until now.

On March 13th filming will begin on a fresh set of characters. This is a very smart move on Fox’s part. It means that the actors will not have to try and take over from Hugh Jackman and co. We got a look at the new team in the image below:

If you didn’t know, Bryan Singer is involved in this new phase of the franchise. For those that don’t know, Bryan Singer is the director of the X-Men movies. He will take the director’s chair on the pilot episode of this show.

It is fitting that Singer should be involved as he brought the X-Men into fruition on the big screen. He will oversee the changing the guard, this cast will pick up the mantle when their predecessors bow out. Subscribe to GJC Reviews for more on TV shows, combat sports and movies! Share this article with your friends if you enjoyed it. If you didn’t, share it anyway.

Source: ScreenRant