Film fans are witnessing a period of reboots, rehashes, remakes and retcons. There are many that are tired of Hollywood endlessly ressurecting old franchises. They want to see fresh characters and stories. However, one that could genuinely benefit from a revival, all be it with a few changes, is The Matrix.

Warner Bros. are looking to go back to that well, bringing the story to a more current audience. What is more, they Michael B. Jordan in their sights for the leading role. Keanu Reeves of course played Neo in the original trilogy.

matrixThe project is in very early days, brass at Warner Bros. are still in the ideas stage. In fact, the politics of the film industry is allegedly marring progress. It should be interesting to see just how different the new content is to the 1999 original.

I personally really like the idea of Michael B. Jordan as the protagonist. He is great at playing the plucky hero who is scratching and clawing to escape his current situation. Relateable but charismatic with the potential to be a hero. This certainly came into play for Reeves in the first instalment, less so in the later films.

I am quite excited to see a fresh take on the lore of The Matrix. Are you glad to hear about a reboot of this franchise? Let me know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter