After delving into some huge pre-existing franchises such as Star Wars, Mission Impossible and Star Trek, Abrams is back to producing fresh ideas. The mastermind behind Lost is involved in a supernatural World War 2 thriller. For some time we only knew of the film as a concept. However, details appeared to have landed seemingly overnight. Let’s breakdown what we know so far about Bad Robot’s latest production.

The period thriller is titled: Overlord. Personally, I only learned of this when news sites began reporting casting details. However, they seem to mention it as if it has been known for some time. Nevertheless, the period thriller has cast two leading men. Wyatt Russell and Jovan Adepo are on board.

gallery-1476976392-screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-160707You may know Wyatt Russell from season 3 of Black Mirror. He took the lead in the episode about virtual reality. This has prepared him for a dark creep-fest. In that episode I was really impressed with his acting and ability to endear himself to the audience. A larger audience seeing this from him could take him to stardom. His co-star, Adepo, has a fairly large role in The Leftovers.

We also have some plot details though they are sparse. Russell and Adepo will play soldiers deployed to a German village. They will of course run into a lot more than Nazis. One site even mentioned zombies! This could be interesting.

Jovan-Adepo-on-The-RealThere are a couple of heavyweight screen writers behind this unique idea. Billy Ray and Mar L. Smith wrote the script. Ray brough The Hunger Games to the screen and Smith penned The Revenant.

The Abrams produced film will be directed by Julius Avery. His portfolio mostly consists of small short films but this could be his breakout movie. Overlord is really coming together. I am looking forward to this one! Subscribe for more on movies, TV shows, combat sports and music.