In case you did not know, a westernised version of Death Note is on its way to Netflix. This new adaptation is live action and features some huge stars. The original was a popular anime series. It was almost like the gateway to the genre. Most casual fans say they have seen it and most of them will tell you they enjoyed it.

Personally, I am not what you would call an anime fan but I have seen Death Note as well as some other mainstream shows. I can say that it is superb with some really creepy vibes and a fascinating world. The Netflix production looks to have this eerie atmosphere too as well as with some new elements.

In this version, Light appears to be a bit more wayward. He is played by the fantastic, Nat Wolff. I was pleased to see that Wolff is playing the lead in this as I really liked Papertowns. He put in a great performance in that movie as protagonist, Quinn.

CaptureWillem Dafoe also voices Ryuk, the demon we see at the end of this trailer. Dafoe is the sleeper choice. He is the actor who is perfect for the role that you would not immediately think of. He has proven with his performance as the Green Goblin that he can play cackling and deranged.

Finally, it is apparent from this trailer that there is more Hollywood style action than the original series. This is no doubt a way to maket it to a Western audience. Nevertheless, this looks to be an eerie and gripping take on the story. I look forward to delving into this one.

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