In an unexpected twist, Jeff Goldblum has been revealed as a returning cast member in Jurassic World 2. The release of the next instalment in the iconic franchise is some time away. June 2018 to be more exact. However, that does not stop the details from being revealed.

Goldblum’s return is huge news as he was one of the most beloved characters of the original films. He did not feature in the third movie, but he had a major role in the iconic first episode and took the lead in the sequel.

It is almost as if executive producer, Colin Trevorrow used the first film to set up the new blood first. It gave the audience a chance to invest in the new characters and the new version of the world. Now that the ground work is done, they can start bringing back big characters from the past.

I really enjoyed Jurassic World, I loved that fresh take on the universe. It was also just a really fun movie with an underlying layer of intelligent writing. Colin Trevorrow is still on-board; The Impossible’s J.A. Bayona is in the director’s chair and Goldblum is set to return. Jurassic Park is in safe hands.