In case you did not know: a new Chronicles of Narnia film is in the works. The next adaptation from the world of C.S. Lewis is The Silver Chair and it is intended to breath new life into the franchise.

This is actually the first time a Narnia story will take to the big screen since 2010. This time, it will be under the Sony banner. Sony are officially bringing us a reboot, however, it is not in the typical sense of the word.

What we mean here when we say ‘reboot’, is that Sony are firing up the engines again on a mothballed franchise. After all, Narnia  has not graced screens since Voyage of the Dawn Treader seven years ago. However, we are not starting from the beginning of the series with new characters. The Silver Chair is just another story in the book series which focuses on a different set of characters. If anything, it continues the chronology as the tale features Caspian as king.


The latest news on the picture is that Joe Johnson, who helmed Captain America: The First Avenger, will direct. You may be interested to know that he also sat in the director’s chair on Jurassic Park 3.

I am a big fan of the first Narnia remake from 2005. I have happy memories of breaking the DVD out at Christmas. Prince Caspian was a decent fantasy adventure too, although not as good as its predecessor. Voyage of The Dawn Treader was a flop. But hopefully, Sony and Joe Johnston will get the franchise back on track.