March 2017 marked the moment that yet another YA novel brought to the screen, crashed into popular culture. It was also the moment Netflix realised yet another of their exclusive TV shows had paid off for them, big time. Many bing watched the series due to its moreish format and because it spoke to them in some way. People got hooked, they still are hooked. The sheer number of meme pages dedicated to the show are proof of this.

The good news for those people is that ’13 Reasons Why’ has been renewed for a second season. This comes as no surprise to those that are in the know. It has been known for a while that the teen drama was close to being renewed. This beind due to its huge success and the cliffhanger that season one was left on. Check out the announcement video for the show’s return below:

The main question that was left open was: what will happen to Alex Sandall. Perhaps more importantly: what did happen to Alex Sandall? Maybe his gunshot wound was not self inflicted. Could it have something to do with the arsenal of weaponry we saw in Tyler’s room? Many fans are theorising that this is why he took Alex’s picture down from the line of people that wronged him.

Some are saying that they do not want a second season. This is due to the fact that Hannah Baker’s story has been told and the tapes have all been completed. However, I disagree. I like the style of the show and its well written characters. Although the story centers around dark events, there were a lot of lighter moments, even humour. The producers build a great world with familiar locations and its use of audio and visuals takes you on an immersive trip into that world.

Perhaps they find a way to work the 13 reasons concept into the second season also. If not, it still makes sense because Hannah’s story is the initial event that opens up the world and the stories of its characters.

I am personally looking forward to seeing what is in store for the characters in season 2. Are you happy about this news? Let me know in the comments section below!