Stephen King’s work has always been fertile ground for on-screen adaptations. His horror masterworks with their dramatic locations and sinister villains lend themselves well to cinema.

Back in 2007, Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’ found its way to theaters courtesy of Frank Darabont. The unsettling tale takes the audience into a small town that is being terrorised by inter-dimensional creatures. The monsters lurk in a mysterious fog that rolled into the town after a storm. The movie adaptation was a big success upon release.

This year, another adaptation of the Stephen King novel is to be released, this time on the small screen. Check out the gruesome red band trailer for the new TV adaptation of ‘The Mist’ below:

Judging from the trailer, the show will feature a lot more gore than the movie. However, one big similarity is that the TV show will also focus heavily on the danger of humans in a high pressure situation as well as the monsters in the mist.

In the beggining of the trailer, we see a man in a soldier uniform warn that the mist is coming. Could he be someone from the operation we heard about in the movie? This was the cause of the attack in the movie, the army were secretly messing with inter-dimenional gateways and accidentally allowed the monsters to come through. I would like to see the show explore these ideas more as we were only teased with it in the movie.

That is the great thing about there being a TV adaptation of a novel. Especially that of works as deep as Stephen King’s. You get to spend a lot more time exploring ideas, simply because you have more hours.

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