Nintendo are continuing their plan to expand their franchises with mobile games. The next iconic Nintendo property to get a mobile game could be ‘Legend of Zelda’. It is important to note that the mobile Zelda game is still in the conceptual stages. However, should it come together, an IOS and Android Zelda game could be extremly lucrative for Nintendo.

They have perfected the forumla when it comes to the iconic fantasy series. The latest instalment: ‘Breath of the Wild’, received rave reviews. Critics and die hard fans alike called it the perfect game, the best the franchise has produced in recent years.

Breath of the Wild Switch.PNG‘Legend of Zelda’ always delivers that feeling that you are carrying with you, a whole universe you can jump into. At least with the portable titles that is. Nintendo will attempt to recreate this feeling, this time in smartphones.

Will it be an open 3D world like ‘Breath of the Wild? Or will players hack and slash in a top-down version of Hyrule like ‘A Link to the Past’? Will this be a new version of Link and Hyrule? Could it be an extension of the more futuristic version we saw in the latest outing? We could even see a port or remake of an old instalment. These are all exciting questions for fans. Hopefully we will get more details as production begins.


Source: ScreenRant