‘Cloverfield’ is almost the accidental film franchise. Instalments appear organically, beginning as a completely separate and unique story. They then become a part of the franchise somewhere in development.

The original movie was a found footage sci-fi horror movie. It told the story of a group of friends at a party that are caught up in an alien invasion. ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ was a spiritual successor. It was not a direct sequel but took place in the same universe. The main characters are initally involved in a hostage situation an underground bunker. However, as the main character escapes, she has to fight for survival against the invading aliens.

A similar process has led to the emergence of a third ‘Cloverfield’ movie. The project was initially named ‘God Particle’ and involved a group of astronauts that discover creatures on a space station. Presumably the aliens in the script were original but became the monsters from ‘Cloverfield’ upon the decision to make it a sequel to the found footage flick.

Personally, I am really glad to see that another ‘Cloverfield’ movie is on the way. I loved the first movie and enjoyed ’10 Cloverfield Lane’. With that being said, the plot of that movie felt like a setup to the ending scene. The monsters of that universe are really cool so it should be great to see them again in a new context.

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