Nat Wolff is set to star in yet another high profile movie. Wolff will star in ‘Semper Fi’, a crime thriller about a prison breakout. The movie follows two brothers of which Wolff is the younger. His character, Oyster, finds himself in jail after a bar fight ends in fatality. His police officer brother was actually responsible for putting him in prison. However, after a change of heart, he plans to break him out.

Oyster’s brother is played by Sam Claflin. You may already know Claflin from The Hunger Games in which he played Finnick. He was also the male lead in Me Before You. It is as of yet unclear as to which of the two will take the protagonist role. Perhaps Wolff and Claflin will share the spotlight.

Personally, I am glad to hear that Nat Wolff is starring in another high profile project. I am a fan of Wolff after his performance in Papertowns. I really enjoyed that movie for its unique style that speaks a lot of truth in a borderline dream-like way at times. Wolff was great in the YA film, bringing a style for young men to relate to that is not being shown by other actors.

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