There are fewer episodes in Game of Thrones Season 7 and 8 but fans will not feel short of content. The final two seasons of the HBO fantasy epic will only involve seven episodes. However, the finale of the upcoming season will actually be feature length.

Clocking in at ninety minutes, the season 7 finale will be the longest episode to-date. No doubt the producers need the extended running time for a collosal battle. Some of the most dramatic scenes of the show involve its great battles.

Some battles even take up entire episodes with elaborate set pieces. So much time is required to bring the battles to life as focus shifts between several important characters in different parts of the battlefield.

Night King.PNG

Game of Thrones is epic television that is tackling some pretty ambitious content from the source material. As a result, it needs time which only adds to the scale and feeling of event TV. The producers approach the big episodes, like the battle for The Wall, as little movies.

Due to the time balance, the season will also include the shortest episode but only by a small margin. The feature length episode is the last of that season. It could set the stage for any one of the battles that were teased in the recent trailers.

Perhaps the battle we saw in the trailer, with the dragons, will be involved. Exciting times for Game of Thrones fans! Subscribe to GJC Reviews for more on TV shows, movies and more!