As I reported recently, Nigel Benn is set to leave retirement after twenty one years. He is will face old foe, Steve Collins in their third meeting. It was Benn’s idea for the pair of veterans to get back into the ring.

Benn feels that he never fully lived up to his potential. This is due to the fact that when his career ended, he was battling drug addiction and personal issues as well as his opponents.


Benn originally planned to face Chris Eubank Sr. in his return bout. Eubank had an iconic feud with Benn back in the 90’s. Which led to two grudge matches. The two were in negotiations for a time but that door appeared to be closed when Benn turned his attention to Collins. He became frustrated with the politics of sponsorship and promoting in boxing.

Chris Eubank Sr

However, in a recent interview on The True Geordie podcast, Eubank reopened the possibility of a rematch two decades later. Geordie brought up the fact that Benn has a bout coming up, Eubank responded with fighting words.

He stated that he would ‘tear him a new one’. Chris Eubank Sr. and Nigel Benn are both in tremendous shape for their age and there is clearly still some unfinished business. Could we see these two legends back in the run for one last tear up? We will have to wait and see.