Stranger Things was the surprise hit of Summer 2016. It resonated with so many people because, along with great writing, it played on childhood nostalgia. Paying homage go and taking cues from the likes of IT, Twin Peaks and E.T., it was a pop culture treat.

In its anticipated second season, a star of one of its influences will feature. Sean Astin of ‘The Goonies’ fame plays Bob in the sophmore outing this Halloween. In a recent interview at Comic Con San Diego, a director and producer on the show claimed the character would be the new Barb.


Nancy’s ill fated friend from season one was a hit amongst fans. Barb served as our introduction to the monster as it transports her to its extra-dimensional domain early on in the season.

Producer Shawn Levy believes Sean Astin’s character could be welcomed by fans in the same way Barb was. Levy called Astin ‘magnificent’ as Bob and believes fans will love the character as they did with Barb. However, that is where the similarites with her end though. Levy reveals that Astin will feature in ‘a lot of episodes’.

He also noted that Astin brought something to the role which changed the narrative. This is yet another reason to be excited for the second season of Stranger Things!