Putting your faith in a concept, theory or ideology is a slippery slope. It can be a halt on progress, you almost expect something or someone to make your dreams happen for you. The reality is, God isn’t going to bring your goals to life, you have to believe in the power of one. You are the author of your own fate.

We are the only ones that can transform ourselves and our circumstances. As humans we are meant to evolve. We change and develop through our lives. Without alienating any readers, I believe it is the biggest arugment for evolution.

mat-fraser-squat-cleanWe can see it in ourselves, we evolve within our lifetime. If we were designed we would stay the same our whole lives. On the contrary, we can be someone new each day.

I am not actually disagreeing with those that believe in intelligent design and an afterlife. I don’t know if there is one or not. But that lack of confirmation is the exact reason we should be our best self while we are here, just incase here is all there is.

For all I know this could all be a simulation, we may wake up in a booth and realise it was all a game. However, we may not get another chance so we may as well go for what we want in this life. If you want to get in the gym and evolve, then do it. Today.