Here are a few selections from my gym playlist!

As you are no doubt aware, it is important to find your zone when in the gym. Being in a testosterone fuelled rampage not only makes weightlifting more enjoyable but aids performance.

Being excited and in the right mindset will help you push out more reps when you are tired. Music is actually scientifically proven to help with endurance. Here is a selection of essential tunes for your intense training playlist.

  • Roy Jones Jr.: ‘Go Hard or Go Home’ and ‘Can’t Be Touched’


Boxing fans will be familiar with the name as he is actually one of the best fighters of all time under Marquess of Queensbury rules. What those people may not know, is that Roy Jones Jr. has created gangster rap. He actually walks out to his own song, ‘Can’t Be Touched’ which describes his style of fighting. For an even more intense workout song, blast out ‘Go Hard or Go Home’ on your earphones while lifting heavy shit.

  • Eminem: ‘Till I Collapse’ and ‘Phenomenal’


‘Till I Collapse’ is a cliche but iconic workout song. It is an essential for your gym playlist. The lyrics perfectly sum up the thought processes of someone who is training hard to beat an opponent. Someone with something to prove. The underdog.

It is this ability to write motivational lyrics that brought Eminem to writing the ‘Southpaw’ soundtrack. The incredible true story of a boxer’s comeback features a track called ‘Phenomenal’. It is perfect to get in the zone of being totally unstoppable.

  • Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Kanye West: ‘Forever’


The rappers that contributed to this track all put out very motivational content respectively. Therefore, a track that features all of them is a must-have for your gym playlist.

  • Kanye West: ‘BLKKK SKKKN Head’, ‘Power’, ‘No Church in the Wild’ and ‘Stronger’


The attitude of a great Kanye West song is perfect for training to. The running theme of Kanye’s music is of strength and pride. The tracks make you feel invincible. Kanye’s lyrics and voice are not only a source of motivation but comfort to many young people. With rappers like Kanye in your earphones, you are never alone.

  • Foo Fighters: ‘The Pretender’, ‘Come Alive’, ‘Comeback’, ‘Dear Rosemary’


The Foo Fighters are easily my favourite band of all time. They make the kind of music that attaches itself to an event in your mind. They can conjure up feelings you experienced during a certain period of time; sum up your feelings on a situation and even make you think about somebody.

They have a variety of tones, suitable for many different moments. There are very mellow songs but the tracks we want for this purpose must be energetic. The heaviest Foo Fighters songs are perfect for the gym as they involve driving rhythm’s that build to big explosions of energy. Give those tracks a go for some heavy rock intensity.

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