It was back day yesterday, which of course means Deadlifts. I only started Deadlifting fairly recently, it was somewhat frustrating to begin with as you have to get the technique right first. When starting to Deadlift, you have to begin with very low weight, this is due to the potentially dangerous nature of the lift.

However, now that I am getting up there in weight, it is becoming my new favourite lift. Last week I warmed up with 50kg and then did a few sets of 60kg. My top set in that session was 70kg. This week was far better!

Yesterday I warmed up with 55kg, did three working sets of 60kg and then reached a  new personal best of 80kg! I am finding a lot of enjoyment in Deadlifts. The movement is fun, it works a lot of body parts and it is one of the best muscle builders. Not only that, once you are pushing some numbers, it will help your strength in other lifts.

Photo courtesy of StrongFirst

If you are looking to get muscular but you aren’t doing Deadlifts, you really should be. It works a lot of body parts, your calves get worked as you drive off the floor. The back is of course the focus, activated when you straighten up. You will also get a good shoulders, traps and arms pump for obvious reasons.

It is a great feeling picking heavy weight up off the floor. It is a very savage movement that just makes you feel strong. You can be very intense when doing Deadlifts but you don’t feel burnt out on them afterwards. I wanted to do them again a few hours later!

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