Recent rumours suggested that ‘The Batman’ would not be a part of the DCEU. Due to previous rumours of Affleck leaving DC, fans speculated that he wouldn’t even star in it. Unfortunately, some sites have been reporting this conjecture as fact.

Matt Reeves, director of ‘The Batman’ has recently clarified his statements which led to this confusion. Reeves, who is the new director after Affleck dropped out, stated that Batman is still part of the DCEU.

What he meant was that ‘The Batman’ is a standalone story. There won’t be any cameos from Batman’s teammates. It will not be another episode to set up the big team-up movie.

Reeves does not address whether or not Affleck will still star. However, seen as Affleck debunked departure rumours previously, he clearly feels it doesn’t need clarifying. It would be a bad move on DC’s part to have two separate versions of the character, the only way Affleck doesn’t play Bruce Wayne is if he leaves the role.

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