It is safe to say that the denim jacket is a current trend in a fashion. However, it is also timeless, a look that works in any era, when done right. With that said, it can be a difficult item to style. What do you wear with it? What colours should be avoided? This article is intended to clear up that confusion. So, here is everything you need to know about styling a denim jacket or shirt.

Wearing double denim is one of the biggest fashion faux pas. This means, it is something you just do not do. That is not to say that you cannot wear two items of denim clothing together. The current trend actually is to wear a denim jacket with jeans. However, you do not wear the same colour.

a43fe2b41e9d71fa6080a24cb458d3f2--mens-jean-jacket-outfit-jeans-outfit-menPair a blue denim jacket with black or grey jeans. Chinos are also a staple of the denim jacket look. A washed out grey/black denim jacket could be worn with dark black jeans. Although, a safe bet with a black denim jacket is dark blue jeans.

Underneath a denim jacket, you are best going for T-shirts in colours like stone, black, grey, white or even pink and khaki. Stone and khaki are two colours that are also on trend at the moment.

When it comes to the denim shirt, it can be worn either buttoned up or open with a T-shirt underneath. An open button down shirt with a tee under it gives a cool but casual look.


These items are very versatile in that they can be worn for a variety of occasions. You will find that smart black shoes can be worn with black jeans, a blue denim shirt and tee. It can feel weird wearing jeans with formal shoes but once you put them on you will realise that it actually looks really slick. Just make sure that the jeans are slim fit. This style fits perfectly into the difficult ‘smart casual’ dress code.

If you have an occasion that you would like to make more of an effort for, or if you are visiting a bar with a smart casual dress code, this style is ideal. It looks slick without being too much.

This is what makes it a popular night out item. The denim jacket is an essential piece of your wardrobe in 2017.