Getting big and strong is a difficult but achievable task. Put simply by Arnold, you have to ‘make time for it’. You have to train hard, lift almost every day and eat a lot of protein. The journey towards this goal, involves heavy lifting, with increasing weight as you get stronger.

However, achieving a new personal best on a big barbell lift like deadlifts involves the correct mindset. Here are a few words on the weightlifter’s mindset and how to find it.

When I am attempting a really heavy lift on bench press, I find it helps to go into an aggressive state of mind. I often think about people who think negatively about me. Not anyone specific, just the idea that some people doubt me. I actually think to myself: ‘They think you can’t do it. Prove them wrong.’

If I feel an element of doubt about whether or not I can lift something, it helps me to change the perspective. What I mean by this is thinking about how easily you would lift that amount of weight in a different exercise. Some exercises are of course easier than others, you won’t be able to bench the same amount of weight as you might do easily on squats.

However, it is like a mind game that tricks you into thinking it should be easy. Belief that you can do it is half the battle. Think yourself strong. What really matters is how you see yourself. So, why not imagine yourself as a superhero? Visualise that you are a really strong character from a TV show or movie and you will give yourself the self belief to get the work done.

Get serious and be intense with your training. If putting your hood up and playing loud metal on your earphones is what it takes, then do it. You will find a peace in that singular focus, or ‘the tunnel’ as Dorian Yates calls it.

The chatter of the other gym-goers, even the people themselves will melt away. It will just be you, your music, your strength and the iron. Right at that moment before you unrack the weight, your role in the world is to lift it. Nothing else matters, fulfill your purpose. DO IT.